high attendance at the recent training workshop on mining and biodiversity guideline and wetland offset guidelines“Understanding and applying the Mining and Biodiversity Guideline and Wetland Offsets Guideline” was the theme of a recently held training workshop. The workshop was the first since the successful launch of the Mining and Biodiversity Guideline.

The Guideline, endorsed by the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs and the Minister of Mineral Resources, is a primary resource for everyone involved in mining-related environmental issues. The training workshop focused on the practical implementation of the Guidelines and encouraged their consistent understanding and application as well as constructive interaction on the issues of mining and biodiversity.

The training workshop, which was held on 7 November 2013, featured a morning session focused on the Mining and Biodiversity Guidelines followed by an afternoon session on the Wetland Offset Guidelines, which are being developed by SANBI and the Department of Water Affairs. That session dealt with the current status of the Wetland Offset Guidelines and worked through practical offset examples using the revised wetland offset ratios and calculator. The session was aimed at providing practitioners with a good grounding on the Wetland Offset Guidelines and the offset ratio calculation process.

Impressed by the discussions and issues raised during the workshop, Andrew Parsons of AngloGold Ashanti said “the training workshop has been practical and interesting and enables people to manage and conserve biodiversity at mining operations”. Excited about the turnout at the workshop, the chairperson of SAMBF, Patti Wickens said, “After a long process of the Guideline development and a great collaboration with SANBI, it is encouraging to see so many people attending”.

The workshop was organised by the South African Mining and Biodiversity Forum (SAMBF) and hosted by AngloGold Ashanti at their head office in Johannesburg. The SAMBF is a forum facilitated by the Chamber of Mines with participation from mining companies, government departments and conservation organisations and SANBI’s Grasslands Programme. The training workshop was attended by more than 135 participants from all sectors, including SAMBF members, mining companies, finance institutions, officials from government departments, consultants, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders.

For more information about the training workshop or the Mining and Biodiversity Guidelines please contact Stephen Holness at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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