Priority Regions

Nine priority geographic priority areas were identified as the most efficient locations for achieving the conservation targets of SKEP. These geographic priority areas were refined on the basis of their ability to contribute to the maintenance of Red Data List species, and maintain important ecological processes, particularly in the face of climate change.

The nine identified geographic priority areas have conservation value and are most vulnerable to increasing land-use pressures. In these priority areas, SKEP will seek to establish informal conservation networks that will achieve vegetation and process targets. 

The nine geographic priority regions  identified for the Succulent Karoo are:

  1. Sperrgebiet
  2. Greater Richtersveld 
  3. Bushmanland Inselbergs
  4. Namaqualand Uplands
  5. Central Namaqualand Coast
  6. Knersvlakte
  7. Hantam Tanqua Roggeveld
  8. Central Breede River Valley
  9. Central Little Karoo

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