8. Central Breede River Valley

The Worcester/Robertson Karoo Centre, which includes the Middle Breede River Valley has approximately 1500 species of plants of which 115 are endemic.

Of the endemics, 77% are succulent species, although other groups such as the Ixias are also important.

Only 2.4 percent of this region is conserved and large areas along the Breede River have been transformed by irrigated agriculture, primarily for Lucerne, Stone fruit and vineyards.

Fortunately, several patches within this region have not been grazed since 1936 and remains in a pristine condition.

Key facts

Where Fynbos, Succulent Karoo and Renosterveld meet. 

Flagship species

Green ixia, Worcester iris, Drosanthemum speciosum, Monkey beetles, Harvester termites resident in the ‘heuweltjies’.

Famous places

The Breede River.


The region occupies low conservation status and faces irrigated agriculture pressure. 

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