6. Knersvlakte

The Knersvlakte is an extensive dry plain in the center of the Succulent Karoo hotspot bounded on the east by the Bokkeveld Mountains. Fields of white quartz pebbles cover the gently rolling hills of the area and are associated with unique dwarf succulent plants.

The 48,500-hectare area is extremely rich in plant species, with a total of 1,324 species, 266 of which are Succulent Karoo endemics. Within the hotspot, this priority area has the greatest percentage of threatened endemics with 128 species being listed on the Red List. Small-scale mining for gypsum, diamonds and limestone/marble, overgrazing and the illegal harvesting of rare and spectacular species for national and foreign plant collections are the greatest pressures in this area.

 Key facts

Fields of white quartz pebbles with miniature succulents.

Flagship species

The bababoudjies, Argyroderma, Greater Kestrel and Conophytum uviforme.

Famous places

Vanrhynsdorp, Rooiberg Hills, Sout River Canyon, Quaggaskop private nature reserve.


Small-scale mining for gypsum, diamonds and limestone/marble. Overgrazing and illegal harvesting of rare plants.

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