4. Namaqualand Uplands

The Namaqualand (Kamiesberg) Uplands encompass the highlands of central Namaqualand in the Northern Cape Province. The area is known for its spectacular displays of spring flowers and high diversity and endemism of bulbous flowers. The 33,500-hectare area includes 1109 species, of which 286 are Succulent Karoo endemics and 107 are Red List species. In addition to its diversity, the region contains large zones of transitional vegetation between succulent and Fynbos habitats.

Experts consider these zones crucial for continued speciation and resilience to climate change. Conserving this area will provide an important corridor between the Namaqualand National Park and the Central Namaqualand coast priority area. Agriculture, mainly grain production, has already transformed all areas of level terrain and overgrazing by livestock, especially on communal lands, is a significant land-use pressure on this area.

 Key facts

Highest mountains in Namaqualand, spring flowers, transitional zones between succulent and fynbos habitats.

Flagship species

Dimorphotheca sinuata, the Namaqualand Daisy, Longtongue flies, Oil-collecting bees, Klipspringer, and leopards. 

Famous places

The Rooiberg Peaks Trail, Historic communal grazing towns of Leliefontein and Tweerivier.


Agriculture and overgrazing.

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