Namaqua Rain Frog Becomes Internet Sensation

namaqua rain frog becomes internet sensationThe Namaqua Rain Frog (Breviceps namaquensis), has become an internet sensation due to its surprisingly squeaky distress call. The vocal Namaqua Rain Frog has gained popularity on the Internet for none other but its squeak.

Many of us have seen the plastic or plush squeaky frog toy for dogs, but we probably did not realize that there actually is a real squeaky frog. Dean Boshoff, form Durban, was visiting Port Nolloth when he came across the Namaqua Rain Frog. 

This small amphibian is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family. The distribution of this frog extends from the Orange River area southwards through the lowlands of Namaqualand to the Melkbosstrand area on the West Coast.  It occurs generally in dry, low-lying areas that are predominantly sandy and well covered with scrub vegetation - but has also been recorded in hilly areas with more loamy and rocky substrates.

Due to its minuscule size, this tiny amphibian needs some way to protect itself. When threatened, the Namaqua Rain Frog will "puff up", becoming roughly 4 inches in length, and emits a shrill squeaking sound as a defense mechanism to deter predators. The tiny frog spends the majority of its life underground, does not inhabit water, and will only come to the surface after a rain to feed on insects.

After capturing this unique creature on film, Boshoff posted the 23 second video on YouTube. Within a week the video has already received 2.5 million YouTube views and more than 8,200 likes on Viral Viral Videos. 

There have been no particular studies conducted on the Namaqua Rain Frog. However, this species was assessed in the Southern African Frog Atlas Project which was published in 2004.
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