CSA Appoints Meat Naturally Initiative Officer

arthur cloete mni officerConservation South Africa’s (CSA’s) Namaqualand Green Economy Demonstration (NGED) office has appointed Arthur Cloete as their Meat Naturally Initiative (MNI) officer. Cloete is no new face to CSA as he previously occupied a role as an intern with the Skeppies projects.

CSA established a Meat Naturally Initiative (MNI) under the banner of Green Choice Alliance to promote environmentally sustainable red meat production in South Africa’s Hotspots. In the Namaqualand Landscape, MNI aims to amplify the lessons of the Biodiversity and Red Meat Initiative with communal livestock farmers in the Kamiesberg region of the Northern Cape and the Eco-ranger Programme on commercial farms.

Cloete will oversee CSA's existing research programme on non‐lethal predator management and rangeland management techniques. Part of his responsibilities will be to provide technical, extension, and administrative support to both the Eco-ranger and MNI initiatives, but with a particular focus on the expansion of the Eco-ranger Programme. Strong focus will be to develop and implement a skills development programme for the CSA eco-rangers in order to build youth skills and support better rangeland management in the Landscape.

Cloete is from Concordia, about 20 km’s north east of Springbok and studied Marketing and Business Management at Damelin in Cape Town. This led him to the corporate environment where he worked in Retail Investment Administration at Old Mutual in Cape Town for 11 years. Upon exiting the corporate sector, the art, science and practice of photography directed him towards completing a few photography courses.  In his leisure time he works as a photographer and enjoys taking photo walks in the veld and klipkoppies surrounding Concordia.

Cloete is very active as he serves as the Secretary in the Farmers Union of Concordia, and is involved with the Local Tourism Forum.  He is also a freelance journalist at Die Plattelander, a local newspaper in Springbok. We wish Cloete the best in his new role.

Cloete is contactable on 027 718 1565 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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